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OAYP: Week Five ACC Roundup

By Jim Johnson
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OAYP's ACC overall, offensive, and defensive rankings, top five players at each position, and team of the week.

Week five is in the books, and OAYP has been fully updated to reflect the new data.

These conference roundups will be released each week detailing the most highly rated players in the league, the top performers of that week, and the ever-changing overall team strength, offensive, and defensive rankings.

Also of note, these individual scores are not only relative to each conference, but Southern Pigskin’s entire coverage area -- the ACC, SEC, and Sun Belt. With that large a player pool, any particularly strong or weak position groups in a given league should not affect the marginal scores.

And remember, tiers are more useful than straight up rankings. The rule of thumb I’ve been using is: <-1.0 is a red flag, -1.0 to -0.01 is below average, 0.0 is the mean, 0.1 to 0.49 is above average, 0.5 to 1.0 is very good, 1.0 to 1.99 is a star, and 2.0+ is a bonafide superstar, which I suppose would make the handful of 3.0+ guys aliens or something.


- Each team’s national ranking for the respective categories is in parentheses.

1. Clemson 3.42 (5)

Offensive Ranking: 1 (14)
Defensive Ranking: 1 (6)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 1 (10)

I still think Clemson is one of the four best teams in the country, but it hasn’t quite looked like it yet. This season isn’t following any sort of different trajectory than in the recent title runs, so there’s nothing to be concerned about, yet. That said, they don’t deserve to be in the national top four right now, and they aren’t in OAYP’s.

2. Miami 0.96 (30)

Offensive Ranking: 10 (86)
Defensive Ranking: 4 (34)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 8 (50)

Miami is still living off of its 2018 data, but the weight of those numbers depletes with each passing week. The offensive line has been the worst in the league so far, and the defense isn’t as good as it was. Miami is dropping fast and, unless a whole lot changes, that won’t either.

3. Duke 0.94 (31)

Offensive Ranking: 3 (44)
Defensive Ranking: 8 (57)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 5 (39)

Quentin Harris is balling out of control right now, the offensive line is up to #2 in the conference in OAYP as a unit, and though the defense has some room to improve, there aren’t many groups in the league with as much proven depth. At this point, it feels like the Blue Devils are in a two-horse race with our #4 team for the ACC Coastal crown.

4. Virginia 0.91 (34)

Offensive Ranking: 7 (69)
Defensive Ranking: 3 (29)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 3 (32)

Bryce Perkins has been moderately disappointing, dropping from #2 in QB OAYP in the preseason to #4, right now, and the offense has suffered for it, but this defense is nasty. In fairness, the offensive line hasn’t done Perkins any favors. After finishing 2018 #3 in OL OAYP, they’re down at #13 in 2019 after two brutal performances over the last couple of weeks. If that improves, there’s no doubt Perkins will too. That’s the only thing missing for Virginia to be able to compete with the game’s elite.

5. Pitt 0.7 (38)

Offensive Ranking: 9 (83)
Defensive Ranking: 2 (21)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 2 (29)

The loss to Virginia in the opener took Pitt out of the collective conscious, as far as the divisional race goes, but almost beating Penn State and then actually upsetting UCF in consecutive weeks put them back in the national conversation. That field goal victory over Delaware was not awe inspiring, but OAYP treats FCS games the same as off-weeks, so who cares? If Pitt can beat Duke this weekend, they’re right back in the thick of things.

6. North Carolina 0.23 (51)

Offensive Ranking: 8 (70)
Defensive Ranking: 5 (45)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 4 (36)

According to OAYP, North Carolina has played the 10th most difficult schedule in the country so far, but the worst is mostly behind them now. The two wins may not be as impressive as they seemed in the moment, but three losses are “good” ones, if you believe in that sort of thing. Yes, even the App State one, who OAYP would favor over every single other ACC school right now on a neutral field, except Clemson. And speaking of Clemson, even almost beating them was absolutely an achievement. This team is so much better than I thought they would be. Two early conference losses may be hard to overcome in the pursuit of the division, but I wouldn’t count them out just yet. Oh, and going for two was the right call.

7. Florida State 0.11 (54)

Offensive Ranking: 4 (47)
Defensive Ranking: 7 (54)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 7 (45)

Florida State is a better team than it was. The offensive line is still very bad, but that’s actually a huge improvement from being arguably the worst in the country in 2018, and the offense has still been effective in spite of it. Defensively, I have some questions about whether or not this scheme is the best way to maximize the personnel, but Marvin Wilson has been awesome. There’s still a lot of work to do, but this team is trending in the right direction.

8. NC State 0.0 (62)

Offensive Ranking: 11 (89)
Defensive Ranking: 6 (48)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 10 (71)

Larrell Murchison posted one of the best single game OAYP scores of anyone at any position all year, this week, and took the #1 DL spot as a result. With him leading the way, this defense is brimming with potential. Offensively, we knew it was going to be a major reset, and that’s exactly what it is.

9. Wake Forest -0.1 (65)

Offensive Ranking: 2 (43)
Defensive Ranking: 9 (59)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 9 (51)

I hate this as much as I’m sure Wake Forest fans do. I mean, I picked the Demon Deacons to finish second in the Atlantic in the preseason, even though they were inexplicably voted sixth at the ACC Kickoff. Here they are unbeaten, and my own formula is disrespecting them. Maybe it’s fool’s gold, but I’m still a believer in my adopted team for 2019.

10. Boston College -0.47 (84)

Offensive Ranking: 6 (66)
Defensive Ranking: 12 (82)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 11 (84)

The Eagles arguably outplayed Wake Forest, and probably deserved to win that game. OAYP acknowledges that within the data. Even so, less than convincing wins against Rutgers and a Virginia Tech team that is bottoming out, plus a blowout loss to Kansas, does not make for an impressive resume.

11. Georgia Tech -0.58 (86)

Offensive Ranking: 14 (124)
Defensive Ranking: 14 (91)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 14 (117)

Just brutal. Georgia Tech legitimately had one of the most effective offenses in all of college football last year. Now it’s one of the worst and the defense hasn’t really improved. The 2018 data, is keeping them semi-afloat for now, but they’ll be at the bottom of the league, where they belong, in due course.

12. Syracuse -0.59 (87)

Offensive Ranking: 12 (95)
Defensive Ranking: 13 (85)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 12 (86)

How about that Trishton Jackson, huh? He’s fun. And those edge rushers. Andre Cisco, too. Uh… other than that? At least they’re still elite on special teams.

13. Louisville -0.87 (96)

Offensive Ranking: 5 (49)
Defensive Ranking: 10 (69)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 6 (40)

The Louisville Cardinals are 40th in 2019-only OAYP. 40th! This was perhaps the worst P5 team in the nation last year. I’m not sure if it’ll hold, but Scott Satterfield deserves a statue for that alone.

14. Virginia Tech -0.96 (98)

Offensive Ranking: 13 (99)
Defensive Ranking: 11 (81)
2019-Only OAYP Ranking: 13 (103)

This thing’s a mess. They aren’t the actual worst team in the league -- that’s Georgia Tech -- but they’re close. I’m not one to advocate for dismissing coaches, as if that magically solves all the problems, but if we’re talking about hot seats, Justin Fuente’s name has to come up first in the ACC.


-There might be some guys that suffered season ending injuries in here that slipped through the cracks. I’ve been trying to keep up with it the best I can, but didn’t do an especially thorough sweep this week. I will next week and every couple of weeks after that to stay on top of it.


  1. Trevor Lawrence, Clemson 1.59
  2. Jamie Newman, Wake Forest 0.94
  3. Anthony Brown, Boston College 0.35
  4. Bryce Perkins, Virginia 0.14
  5. Ryan Willis, Virginia Tech 0.11


  1. Travis Etienne, Clemson 2.76
  2. Lyn-J Dixon, Clemson 1.55
  3. Cam Akers, Florida State 1.1
  4. AJ Dillon, Boston College 0.74
  5. AJ Davis, Pitt 0.54


  1. Tee Higgins, Clemson 3.98
  2. Tamorrion Terry, Florida State 3.77
  3. Justyn Ross, Clemson 2.12
  4. Damon Hazelton, Virginia Tech 1.73
  5. Scotty Washington, Wake Forest 1.3


  1. Cary Angeline, NC State 1.32
  2. Hunter Long, Boston College 1.23
  3. Jack Freudenthal, Wake Forest 1.2
  4. Carl Tucker, North Carolina 0.78
  5. Brevin Jordan, Miami 0.74


  1. Tremayne Anchrum, Clemson 3.32
  2. Justin Herron, Wake Forest 1.27
  3. Charlie Heck, North Carolina 0.44
  4. Zach Quinney, Georgia Tech 0.37
  5. Tyler Vrabel, Boston College 0.27


  1. John Simpson, Clemson 1.32
  2. Gage Cervenka, Clemson 1.18
  3. Rakavius Chambers, Duke 0.52
  4. Sean Maginn, Wake Forest 0.17
  5. Anthony Palazzolo, Boston College 0.05


  1. Sean Pollard, Clemson 2.01
  2. Alec Lindstrom, Boston College 0.48
  3. Grant Gibson, NC State 0.31
  4. Zach Tom, Wake Forest 0.14
  5. Jack Wohlabaugh, Duke -0.03


  1. Jonathan Garvin, Miami 3.4
  2. Alton Robinson, Syracuse 2.86
  3. Xavier Thomas, Clemson 2.14
  4. Carlos Basham, Wake Forest 2.02
  5. Trevon Hill, Miami 1.9


  1. Larrell Murchison, NC State 2.2
  2. Marvin Wilson, Florida State 1.73
  3. Tanner Karafa, Boston College 1.56
  4. Cory Durden, Florida State 1.12
  5. Nyles Pinckney, Clemson 0.94


  1. Isaiah Simmons, Clemson 3.45
  2. Shaq Quarterman, Miami 2.95
  3. Jordan Mack, Virginia 1.95
  4. Michael Pinckney, Miami 1.93
  5. Justin Strnad, Wake Forest 1.6


  1. Bryce Hall, Virginia 3.84
  2. Trajan Bandy, Miami 2.45
  3. Leonard Johnson, Duke 2.19
  4. Dane Jackson, Pitt 2.15
  5. Essang Bassey, Wake Forest 2.05


  1. Andre Cisco, Syracuse 2.55
  2. Joey Blount, Virginia 1.85
  3. K'Von Wallace, Clemson 1.63
  4. Tanner Muse, Clemson 1.38
  5. Myles Dorn, North Carolina 1.22



QB -- Quentin Harris, Duke
RB -- AJ Dillon, Boston College
RB -- Deon Jackson, Duke
WR -- Tee Higgins, Clemson
WR -- Ontaria Wilson, FSU
WR -- Tamorrion Terry, FSU
TE -- Noah Gray, Duke
OT -- Tyler Vrabel, Boston College
OT -- Casey Holman, Duke
OG -- John Phillips, Boston College
OG -- Gage Cervenka, Clemson
C -- Sean Pollard, Clemson


EDGE -- Amari Gainer, FSU
EDGE -- Xavier Lyas, NC State
DL -- Larrell Murchison, NC State
DL -- TJ Rayam, Boston College
LB -- Chazz Surratt, UNC
LB -- Jeremiah Gemmel, UNC
LB -- Isaiah Simmons, Clemson
CB -- Leonard Johnson, Duke
CB -- Asante Samuel Jr., FSU
S -- Mike Palmer, Boston College
S -- Joey Blount, Virginia
DB -- Kaleb Oliver, Georgia Tech

Jim Johnson - Editor of Southern Pigskin, Producer of "Three & Out", and host of "Explosive Recruiting" on the Southern Pigskin Radio Network. E-mail: Twitter: @JimJohnsonSP