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PFU Mid-season Awards

By Dalton Klimp
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Pigskin Fantasy U expert Dalton Klimp hands out his mid-season awards.

We are halfway through the 2013 college football season and what a first half we have seen. Players in PFU Leagues are beginning to see who clearly knows more about college football. Losers are identified and those who have built winning teams are bringing the smack talk. These are the mid-season awards for Pigskin Fantasy U.

Most Surprising Team: Missouri

It has been an impressive start for the Tigers, but with James Franklin out and a tough second half schedule including games against Florida, South Carolina and Texas A&M, the changes will be too much to overcome. Missouri started off #78 in the Pigskin Fantasy U Pre-Draft Kit and has certainly been a difference-maker on many PFU teams.

Most Disappointing Team: USC

For being ranked #10 overall in the Pigskin Fantasy U Draft-Kit, this is not what you expect. The Trojans are currently 4 – 2 on the season and will face Notre Dame, Stanford and UCLA in the second half of its schedule.

MVP: Oregon

You get three points for winning a national title, so I always consider the most valuable team to be my national champion pick. I had Alabama in this spot for most of the first half, but Oregon has proven to me they have what it takes to win a national championship.

Where I was RIGHT:


In my SEC Preseason Projections, I picked Vanderbilt to finish with six wins, which was well under what many thought. They are currently 3-3 on the season and now must face Georgia, Texas A&M and Florida in their next 3 games. I think I will be dead on with six wins in what is a disappointing season for the Commodores.

Virginia Tech

In a preseason article, I told you not to shy away from a team with a tough first game match-up. Virginia Tech was my example, and following its opening day match-up with Alabama, the Hokies are on a six-game winning streak.

Where I was WRONG:


Auburn is doing better than I expected to start the season, as I had them finishing with five wins on the year. The Tigers still have a tough second half schedule, but are certainly a bowl team to give you added postseason PFU points.


I’m not sure many people would have picked Missouri to beat a team like Georgia at the beginning, but, regardless, I didn’t give the Tigers much credit. I projected them with five wins, which they have already surpassed. They are truly a difference-maker in Pigskin Fantasy U for the first half of the season.

There are two teams I would like to keep an eye on heading into the second half of this season, which I believe will shake up every Pigskin Fantasy U league.

Second Half Shakers:


If LSU defeats Alabama again in Tuscaloosa, we would see an interesting finish in the SEC West that would change the national championship picture. I have been wrong with two different SEC Tiger teams in the first half of the season; I don’t want to go three for three.

Northern Illinois

One of my favorite movies all-time is Independence Day, and I especially love the scene when “Cousin Eddie” blows up the alien ship. Below is the link to the scene I am talking about. What does this have to do with college football you ask? Well, imagine the BCS Bowls are the alien ship and “Cousin Eddie” is Northern Illinois screaming out “Hello Boys… I’m Back!” Northern Illinois is prime to blow up this year’s BCS Bowls again as they are currently ranked #23 in the AP Poll.

Dalton Klimp - A graduate and letterman of the University of Georgia, “The Klimp” is the Fantasy Guru. Klimp has worked in the University of Georgia athletic department, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and is now a prominent face and voice for ESPN Radio Coastal Georgia. A resident of Saint Simons Island, you can find Klimp on many days at the beach, laptop in hand, working on his Pigskin Fantasy U insights on how to dominate. You can follow and connect with Dalton on Twitter: @TheKlimp