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PFU: Sit or Play?

By Dalton Klimp
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There are 29 college football teams with byes this weekend, making it difficult to select which teams to play in Pigskin Fantasy U.

This is a tough weekend for many Pigskin Fantasy U players to pick which teams to start and which teams to bench. Just to add difficulty, there are 29 teams with a bye week, forcing many PFU rosters to have "must plays" or to be shorthanded. For the rest of you teetering on the edge of which teams to start and who to bench, I will highlight four matchups for Week 5 that may decide a winner and loser in Pigskin Fantasy U.

LSU vs. Georgia – In the biggest matchup of the weekend between top 10 teams, I give the edge to Georgia.  Yes, LSU's offense is performing extremely well right now, with key stats including a 56.5% 3rd down conversion rate and 5.4 yards per rush, but I see Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley having a big day in what will be a high scoring game. Murray still has a chip on his shoulder to prove he can play in big games, and having a Heisman Trophy candidate in Gurley can certainly open up the field for him. I say bench LSU if you have a better option, but odds are you don’t.

Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech wins big here and shreds Virginia Tech’s defense like Swiss cheese. Virginia Tech may come out fired up, but coming off a triple overtime victory over Marshall, fatigue will begin to set in. Vad Lee will have a huge game in primetime and show that Georgia Tech is ready to compete for the ACC title.

Virginia vs. Pitt – Virginia won’t be able to put up points on Pitt like Duke did last Saturday. Pitt will find itself in another high-scoring game, but that may only include them. Virginia may not have the offense to keep up with Pitt through four quarters, as I predict Pitt pulls away in the second half. 

USC vs. Arizona State – Well, if there is anyone left on the Lane Kiffin Bandwagon, they will need to jump off here. USC should be a nice bench player for the rest of the season if you have better options on your roster.

Dalton Klimp - A graduate and letterman of the University of Georgia, “The Klimp” is the Fantasy Guru. Klimp has worked in the University of Georgia athletic department, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and is now a prominent face and voice for ESPN Radio Coastal Georgia. A resident of Saint Simons Island, you can find Klimp on many days at the beach, laptop in hand, working on his Pigskin Fantasy U insights on how to dominate. You can follow and connect with Dalton on Twitter: @TheKlimp