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Pigskin Fantasy U “Hot or Not”

By Dalton Klimp
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Drafting smart in the late rounds of Pigskin Fantasy U is crucial for season-long success and ultimately dominating your league.

We are now less than a week away from college football, which makes now the perfect time to draft your teams in Pigskin Fantasy U.

Many first year players will focus on their top picks and forget about the later rounds. In a standard Pigskin Fantasy U league there are ten teams with twelve roster spots available. There are also 125 teams available to select, meaning in a standard league there will be only five teams left on the free agent list after your draft. Drafting smart in the late rounds is crucial for season-long success and ultimately dominating your league.

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Here are your "Hot or Not" lists for teams that could be available in later rounds.


Ole Miss - PFU Rank 45

The Rebels' schedule does not set up for success this season, being away from home playing Vanderbilt, Texas, Alabama and Auburn in four of their first five games.

Utah State - PFU Rank 52

The Aggies had 11 wins last season, but a mix of moving to the Mountain West Conference and a new head coach makes this a drastically different team.

Southern Miss - PFU Rank 69

Looks like the Golden Eagles will start the season 1-3, which is an improvement on last year’s record of 0-12.

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Pitt - PFU Rank 92

Look for Pitt to come into the ACC ready to compete. The Panthers will get their chance to make some early noise opening up at home against Florida State.

Washington - PFU Rank 48

QB Keith Price got better as the 2012 season progressed and looks for that to carry over to 2013.

Arizona - PFU Rank 55

Easy non-conference schedule will acquire wins and a bowl bid for the Wildcats.

Dalton Klimp - A graduate and letterman of the University of Georgia, “The Klimp” is the Fantasy Guru. Klimp has worked in the University of Georgia athletic department, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and is now a prominent face and voice for ESPN Radio Coastal Georgia. A resident of Saint Simons Island, you can find Klimp on many days at the beach, laptop in hand, working on his Pigskin Fantasy U insights on how to dominate. You can follow and connect with Dalton on Twitter: @TheKlimp