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Three Tips for Drafting in Pigskin Fantasy U

By Dalton Klimp
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In Pigskin Fantasy U, as Vince Lombardi best summed up, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

Have you been like me, waiting to prove you know more about college football than any of your friends or even the experts? Finally, Pigskin Fantasy U has given us that chance to say, “I know a hell of a lot more about college football than _________” (insert your buddy, co-worker or dad’s name). Draft entire teams, select your line-up, and prove you are right about which teams will make the 2014 season one to remember.

Unlike NFL fantasy football, you won’t be torn when you have your quarterback throw a 99-yard touchdown pass to a receiver on your opponent’s team. Pigskin Fantasy U looks at only one thing. In Pigskin Fantasy U, as Vince Lombardi best summed up, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” You will be rooting for your teams to dominate and cheer for the underdogs to take down your opponent's selected teams.

Looking to get started? The Pigskin Fantasy U Draft Kit will help (link at the bottom). You’ll notice teams are ranked quite differently, as projected win totals is the only criteria in our rankings. There are some tips included in the link which will be helpful, but I will provide three additional tips.

1)      Quantity not quality

Changing your mindset for Pigskin Fantasy U is crucial. The better teams are not always the best pick as our rankings will show. Georgia may be considered one of the best preseason teams in the country, but on the Pigskin Fantasy U Team Rankings they are 21st. The Dawgs' tough matchups against Clemson, South Carolina and LSU could dramatically affect their win total, allowing for teams such as Fresno State to have considerable more fantasy value due to less risk.

2)      Mmm… Cupcakes!

No doubt there are cupcake games on everyone’s schedule, unless you were Southern Miss going 0-12 last season, in which case you were the whole cake, but I digress. This is why you need to pay attention to the free agent list because often times you will find a team with a more than favorable matchup. Staying on top of who is on the Add/Drop list is important, as you can shuffle a team out with a tough stretch of games for teams that may have a stretch of so-called “cupcake” games. 

3)      It’s a marathon not a sprint

Some teams you may instinctively shy away from due to their opening matchups. Let’s take Virginia Tech, for example, which has a matchup as tough as not hearing about Johnny Manziel for one week. The Hokies' non-conference games include Western Carolina, East Carolina and Marshall in a row, while Tech also misses both Florida State and Clemson on its ACC Schedule.  Yes, they are not favorites against Alabama, but they certainly have an opportunity to rack up some wins throughout their schedule.

However you draft, enjoy. There are open forums to talk trash to others in your private or public leagues, and it is highly encouraged. Pigskin Fantasy U will help you become a more well-rounded college football fan than you already are, as there are 125 FBS teams from which to select. 

Pigskin Fantasy U Draft Kit

Dalton Klimp - A graduate and letterman of the University of Georgia, “The Klimp” is the Fantasy Guru. Klimp has worked in the University of Georgia athletic department, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and is now a prominent face and voice for ESPN Radio Coastal Georgia. A resident of Saint Simons Island, you can find Klimp on many days at the beach, laptop in hand, working on his Pigskin Fantasy U insights on how to dominate. You can follow and connect with Dalton on Twitter: @TheKlimp