Mad Maxine Needs to STFU
Posted: 22 April 2021 09:11 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Maxine Waters needs to stay in her own piss poor district and work for her constituents rather than going into places like Minnesota to throw gasoline on a fire.  In fact I wish all politicians would keep their noses out of events that once upon a time were local criminal issues but now get put on full blast and made a global event.

If Donald Trumps remarks were enough to get him a rapid impeachment then Maxine Waters should get the same treatment if not more because she actually used words to confront.

Now Biden is making comments saying the jury got it right while there are other officers awaiting trial.  That’s why the judge told Chauvin’s team that they might have a case for an overturn.

It sucks to see people get off on technicalities.


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