Dirty Harry To Film Movie in Ga despite the “Hollywood ban”
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This is sure a fly in the ointment for the Hollywood activist.  It’s interesting how the Entertainment community singles out one state in GA while several other states have restrictive abortion laws that boycotts are not being called on.


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Georgia is a significant red state but is trending blue due to the influx of millennials and northerns so the left is throwing everything they can at this state. The Chamber of Commerce is pushing hard to stay away from abortion restrictions as a “core” value (is killing a value?).

Atlanta so dominates this state that it sucks the air out of the rest of Georgia and Atlanta is very leftwing, bordering on radical leftism.

Hopefully the good guys win but frankly, I’ve all but given up on most of this generation of techno-hippies. It’s the 1960’s all over again unfortunately.