ACC Power Rankings After Week 3
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This is going to be difficult

1. Clemson
2. Virginia
3. Wake Forest
4. UNC
5. Boston College
6. Louisville
7. NC State
8. Duke
9. Va Tech
10. Pittsburgh
11. Miami
12. Syracuse
13. FSU
14. Ga Tech

Louisville continues to impress.  I thought this program was going to be FSU bad for years and they are playing really good football.

Speaking of FSU, what more can be said that hasn’t already?  I only see one more possible win on their schedule right now based on what I’m seeing. I’m sure they will squeeze one or two out but I don’t see them going bowling again.

UNC showed some serous heart in not quitting. 

VA Tech struggles against Furman?  This program has much deeper problems apparently.

Clemson rolls Syracuse.  Finally have our QB play they entire game.  41-6 and Clemson fans are still pissing and moaning. 

Ga Tech gets a free pass.  It’s going to take a few seasons to dismantle CJP’s offense

Pitt had a chance to win but coach made a bad decision to not go for it on the goal line.


Tomorrow morning…...get our people down to the docks.

I want every man and woman coming off the boats…...given hot soup and bread. We’re burying a lot of votes here tonight.

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I agree on the top four. I have no idea after that.


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UNC was missing 1/3 of defensive line, starting CB, starting TE, and a DL backup. The defense gave up 3 TD’s but got their feet under them, and gave the offense a chance. There are no excuses, I agree. That said, UNC did not come ready to play and took some punches to the face. WF was excited to play, and came out ready. If there was one more minute on the clock… UNC would have won. There was not, so they lost. That said, if the two played again I’d like UNC’s chances. I guess I’ll add WF to the list with UVa, VT, Dook, and NCSU. BTW, FSU had chances at UVa. That shows something about both teams to me. NCSU losing to WV was a bit of a surprise, but they hadn’t played anyone up to that point. I too agree with the top 4, and what really matters after that? One thing… UNC’s loss doesn’t count towards conference record.. That’s kind of weird.


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