2018 Rule Changes For College Football
Posted: 14 April 2018 10:43 AM   [ Ignore ]
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These will fundamentally change the strategy of college football IMO:

1.  Teams that signal for a fair catch inside their own 25-yard line on kickoffs will now be awarded a touchback

2.  The prohibition of blocks below the waist by offensive players more than five yards from the line of scrimmage. Also, except when done by interior offensive linemen, such blocks must take place from the front side.

3.  40-second play clock being used after touchdowns and after kickoffs to expedite play, and a 10-second runoff when instant replay overturns an on-field ruling when there is less than one minute remaining in each half.

The 10 second runoff is insane. Teams are essentially being punished with a 10 second runoff because the referee made a bad call!  Let’s say a team is down 5 points with 15 seconds left and they throw a Hail Mary and the ball is caught going out of bounds and the catch is ruled incomplete with 5 seconds left…Coach challenges and the call is over-turned and the ball should be spotted on the one yard line….well, with the 10 second run-off game over on a bad call CONFIRMED by the ref’s on replay….How is that right? Knowing that the game is lost as a coach I would force them to challenge the play and publicly announce they made a bad called so in my post game presser I could state that…


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