Final 2018 “ACC Stock Market”
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Here is what I originally posted at the start of the 2018 season:

It’s that time of the year…How’s your ACC Stock Market look?

BUY=Meets or exceeds last year

Hold= Can go either way but should at least match last year

Sell= Will perform poorly and should not keep…

New Category:  SELL SHORT:  For a team expected to do well that is a “Buy” but will fail..Example:  FSU last year.

My Picks:

Boston College:  Buy

Clemson:  Buy

Duke:  Hold

FSU:  Hold

Ga Tech:  Sell

Louisville: Sell

Miami:  Buy

NC State: Short Sell

UNC: Sell

Pitt: Sell

Syracuse:  Hold

UVa: Sell

Va Tech: Buy

Wake Forest: Buy

Clemson could be a “sell short” stock…One or two key injuries of a team thinking about their NFL future more than winning college games could cause a slip…I think that is unlikely, but FSU was supposed to be a national contender last year.

BC: Right
Clemson: Right
Duke: Should have been a Buy
FSU: Should have Sold
GT: Right
Louisville: Right
Miami: Wrong
NC State: Wrong (hold)
UNC: Right
Pitt: Wrong
Syracuse: Wrong
UVa: Wrong
Va Tech: Wrong
Wake: Wrong (Hold)

The Coastal was a mess and it won’t be any better next year…How did you do?


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Regarding UNC: the HC sold last year. Thus, Mack Brown came home.


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