Team Trumps Turn To Investigate The Origins of Collusion Probe
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I wanted to make sure this was linked from one of the most liberal news sites for obvious reasons.

This shouldn’t be a big surprise after trying to conduct a political Coup d’├ętat because you lost an election.

Let’s see how the rats on this ship act.  If this turns into a full blown investigation there will be some canaries signing to save their asses.


Tomorrow morning…...get our people down to the docks.

I want every man and woman coming off the boats…...given hot soup and bread. We’re burying a lot of votes here tonight.

William “Boss” Tweed: Gangs of New York

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Too many high level people involved for the dominoes to start falling, hope I’m wrong. Remember, establishment republicans are full members of the swamp just as the perpetrators are. Reminds me of a day time soap opera where they almost get the evil character over and over again but never actually nail the guy. The perps have all of the Dems , all of the media, some of the republicans, and a lot of the judiciary on their side.