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Ranking The 2012 ACC Quarterbacks by Athlon Sports
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Whoever it is, it is not Manuel. He didn’t look that sharp in the spring game and he has never been the five star whiz everybody thought he would be. Still has bad footwork, bad accuracy and doesn’t check off well. This may change this year but I will have to see it first to believe it. What he does well is run the option and throw on the run. He can do alright in that respect.

Now Coker the sophomore, he has all the tools. My feelings wouldn’t be a bit hurt if he had to go in and play.



FSU has beaten the SEC champ at least 8 times, and we don’t even play in the SEC, lol:

FSU beat the 1987 SEC champs 34-6
FSU beat the 1988 SEC champs 13-7
FSU beat the 1989 SEC champs 22-14
FSU beat the 1993 SEC champs 33-21
FSU beat the 1994 SEC champs 23-17
FSU beat the 1996 SEC champs 24-21
FSU beat the 2000 SEC champs 30-7
FSU beat the 2013 SEC champs 34-31

Give it up for the SEC, a conference which almost beat

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