ACC Standings Week 11
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What a Mess in the Coast.  This is one year where FSU should be declared the ACC Champ if they win next week or have Clemson and FSU play in the ACCCG because the Coastal does not deserve a representative and if they somehow beat FSU in the ACCCG that would be a total embarrassment!

1.  FSU.  The Top Ranked ACC Team

2.  Clemson.  The Best ACC team right now (Just not the top ranked)

(Wheel of Destiny teams)

3.  NC State

4.  Duke


To heck with it….I am getting a headache trying to rate this assortment of buffoons…..someone else do it.


“So I want to wish Notre Dame and their lugubrious crowd safe travels back to South Bend. And we will show up in 2020. We look forward to that trip….”

Dabo Swinney after the Notre Dame victory in response to CBS Sports analyst Aaron Taylor saying Clemson wouldn’t be ready, and our crowd was going to be lugubrious when the game was over…..

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1. FSU (Best team in the ACC)

2. Clemson (2nd best team in the ACC)

3. Duke

4. GT




“I have absolutely no doubt after 3 years, i have no doubt whatsoever that we can be the DOMINANT team that this conference has needed. Bottom line is Clemson football is BACK and we ain’t going nowhere!” ~ Dabo Swinney 1/13/1012

“at the end of the day i was tomahawk chopping, two handed, because we couldn’t be there, we were number 3 and had our shot” - Dabo on last year’s FSU team. 9/16/2014


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1. FSU (best team in the ACC)
2. Clemson (2nd best team)
3.-12. Who cares?


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