BCS bowl predictions 11-13
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Make your call now.

MNC game Bama vs Kansas St
Rose Bowl Nebraska vs USC
Fiesta Bowl Notre Dame vs Oregon
Sugar Bowl LSU vs Oklahoma
Orange Florida St vs Louisville

I believe both Oregon and LSU will finish in the top-4 and be auto bids, otherwise LSU could lose out to a TAMU or South Carolina team. If UF beats FSU then they finish in the top-4 and get the sec #2 spot as an auto pick.

Oregon has to play Stanford, Oregon st, then most likely USC over the course of 20 days. They are already beat up, and will get even more beat up by Stanford. They could very well be the walking wounded coming into the PAC-12CG vs USC.


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No way

MNC game - Oregon vs Kansas St
Rose Bowl - Nebraska vs Notre Dame
Fiesta Bowl - LSU or TX A&M vs Oklahoma
Sugar Bowl - Clemson vs Alabama
Orange - FSU vs Louisville

LSU is a tough pick for me.  I personally would put Texas A&M above LSU, but i doubt the computers would.  And with both having bad games to end the season I can’t see Texas A&M jumping them.  Could go either way though I guess.  FL will lose, USCjr will lose, UGA will lose and with Oklahoma and Clemson taking slots that leaves LSU to fill in the other.


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Clemson fans, if I offer you 4-1 when the calendar turns to October (basically meaning Tigers go 2-1 vs. AUB, at LOU, at VT), do you take it?

Nah, 5-0 sounds better.

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I wouldn’t count Bama out yet for the BCSCG. If Oregon runs the table the Rose will jump at Notre Dame. I don’t think Clemson will beat us so I don’t see them in the Sugar. aTm will get a good game. There’s a lot of games yet to play so we’ll see.


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