Orange Bowl turning out OK
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Better then it was, better then a Big Least matchup.  Still not an amazing deal….but its better then what we did have.  We will be playing the highest ranked SEC or Big 10 opponent (Thats not already taken) or Notre Dame.  Still not tons of money but the opponent is better.

My only complaint is why would you agree to split the money evenly with the SEC or Big 10 when they have another contract bowl already…...HUGE failure by the ACC.  Thats my only complaint at this moment.


2014 BCS Orange Bowl Champions
Clemson 40 Ohio St 35

“First team from the state of South Carolina to win a BCS bowl” - Dabo Swinney

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The ACC is all about failure, they have perfected it into an art form. Swofford is all about cutting deals ESPN, Notre Dame, bowls etc and anybody else who steps up to the plate to promote his own interests. He is just a mole used by the big money boys.


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FSU has beaten the SEC champ at least 8 times, and we don’t even play in the SEC, lol:

FSU beat the 1987 SEC champs 34-6
FSU beat the 1988 SEC champs 13-7
FSU beat the 1989 SEC champs 22-14
FSU beat the 1993 SEC champs 33-21
FSU beat the 1994 SEC champs 23-17
FSU beat the 1996 SEC champs 24-21
FSU beat the 2000 SEC champs 30-7
FSU beat the 2013 SEC champs 34-31

Give it up for the SEC, a conference which almost beat FSU