FSU in the cross hairs of the SEC?
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“Seems like there is some serious buzz again and FSU officials are meeting today. Good news is there are rumors that the powers that be are starting to believe that being in the ACC may not be in the best interests of FSU. At least that’s what some of the paid sites are saying.

In the crosshairs of the SEC——> Florida State and surprisingly, Georgia Tech”



FSU has beaten the SEC champ at least 9 times, and we don’t even play in the SEC, lol:

1987 champs 34-6
1988 champs 13-7
1989 champs 22-14
1993 champs 33-21
1994 champs 23-17
1996 champs 24-21
2000 champs 30-7
2013 champs 34-31
2015 champs 27-2 (I am running out of room here-thanks again gator!)

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I heard it was the Pac-12. I got it from a very reliable source.
Sounds like the powers that be have taken notice.

Also Hockey East is interested in FSU per WVUeerscountryroads.com


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