Bjoern Werner international brand
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Nice piece on ESPN.


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Bjoern Werner is one of the scariest men in college football history. If I were him, I would do all of my trash talking in German. That would freak people out!



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They are not as interesting as we are accustomed to, however the NIU game with FSU just got more interesting, the quarterback Jordan said FSU had never seen an offense like theirs and would be on their knees by the fourth quarter.

The trash talking seems to have moved the Vegas needle further in FSU’s favor. It is interesting that that Lynch most of the time drops back to pass and then runs up the middle when nobody is open, using his 215 pounds. This seems to indicate that NIU feels it is going to wear down the very part of the FSU defense which is most stacked. How does one wear down, McCloud, Jernigan, Goldman, Dawkins, McAllister and Stample by running straight at them? This guy is not a scamper type quarterback, his MO is running over people in the MAC.

I am suddenly looking forward to this game more than I have.

This is probably going to remind of the Wisconsin game when Bielema said we are going to show them some power football, and they are not going to like it. LOL

Some comments by FSU fans over on the TN.

The streets of Miami will flow with the blood of the Huskies
Our golden spears will bathe in the crimson rivers that will flow from their broken and beaten corpses. NIU’s quarterback’s mouth is writing checks their team can’t cash. And they will pay for their insolence. Bang the drum. Gather the tribe. It’s time for war.

Mr. Lynch just signed his death wish.

The defenses that NIU face are not that good. I believe that Lynch put up numbers?against soft defenses. FSU defensive talent will overwhelm him. One good lick from B. Warner will send his head spinning. If Warner does get him the rest of the D will?finish him off. When your the underdog you should be quite and prepare for the game.?I have no doubt in my mind that when his quotes got to the FSU defensive players they just laughed and continued working hard preparing for the game. FSU’s defense knows what’s a stake and will be ready to play. The trashing talking by the opposing QB will fire up the defense even more.

“Dearly beloved…...we are gathered here today to celebrate the life & mourn the untimely passing of Jordan Lynch….
“….Who met his demise at the hands of an angry German January 1st, 2013 when?in defiance of all that we know about physics & the human anatomy, his head was actually completely severed……and inserted into his small intestine. Rectally.”?“Jordan is survived by his siblings, both parents, a goldfish, and 732 of the 733 NIU fans in attendance that fateful night.”

“Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust……….”




FSU has beaten the SEC champ at least 9 times, and we don’t even play in the SEC, lol:

1987 champs 34-6
1988 champs 13-7
1989 champs 22-14
1993 champs 33-21
1994 champs 23-17
1996 champs 24-21
2000 champs 30-7
2013 champs 34-31
2015 champs 27-2 (I am running out of room here-thanks again gator!)