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Autry Still Sorting Things Out

By Matt Osborne
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Before Myles Autry figures out which position he is going to play in college, he first must figure out where he will spend the next four years of his life.

At this point in the recruiting process, with less than two weeks until National Signing Day, the vast majority of the nation’s elite high school prospects have already made verbal commitments to college programs.

For the few who use the final days prior to National Signing Day to mull over their collegiate options, however, the amount of attention thrown their way can often be overwhelming.

Such has been the case for four-star athlete Myles Autry out of perennial powerhouse Norcross High School in Georgia.

“It’s going good,” Autry said of the recruiting process on the Southern Pigskin Radio Network. “Just digging it out day by day is kind of tough with this big decision. But knowing that Signing Day is around the corner, it’s a struggle, but it’s going well so far.”

A two-way star in high school, most college programs are not recruiting Autry for one particular position at the next level. Rather, they are recruiting him as an athlete, with the intention of finding out where he fits best once he enrolls on campus.

Autry excelled as a defensive back as a sophomore, before shifting his primary focus to running back as a junior. With his quickness and catching ability, there is even a chance that he could end up playing some wide receiver in college.

But before Autry figures out which position he is going to play in college, he first must figure out where he will spend the next four years of his life.

At this time, he has narrowed his list of potential suitors down the five schools – Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Ohio State and Oregon.

“Right now, all of the schools are even,” Autry continued. “I’ve still got to take a couple of visit official visits though. I visited Ohio State before when I was younger, so I know how Ohio State looks. I was originally supposed to go to Oregon this weekend, but I got signed up for the SAT, so Georgia Tech was the only local school that I could take a visit to and balance it with the SAT. Like I said, all of them are even, so I don’t really have a top school.”

Before all is said and done, Autry will have a chance to officially visit three of the schools on his list – Florida, Florida State and Georgia Tech – before making his decision. He will visit nearby Georgia Tech this weekend, before making a mid-week stop at Florida next week and taking a trip to Tallahassee next weekend.

Despite the fact that he has waited until near the end of the recruiting process to make his final decision, Autry has a very clear list of factors which will determine where he ultimately ends up playing his college football.

“When I look at schools, I want to see if I see myself in that offense, the chances of me playing as a freshman, do I like the environment and do they have my major, because I want to major in finance,” Autry stated. “Those are the four main things that I am looking at when I look at a college.”

Autry’s family does have a history of producing Division I talent on the gridiron, as his brother, Anthony, is currently a wide receiver at Georgia Tech.

Due to his family ties with the institution, Autry has had an opportunity to visit the Georgia Tech campus on numerous occasions. They are visits which usually include his brother attempting to convince him to join the Yellow Jackets in Atlanta.

“Me just visiting there a lot of weekends to have fun with him, and him recruiting me, it’s a great time. Every time I go there, I have a great time in downtown in Atlanta. Tech is a great place. Me having a great time with my family and my brother recruiting there makes Tech one of my top five.”

Autry has already come an extremely long way in the recruiting process, but there is still a whole lot more to see before his signs his letter of intent.

He ultimately plans on making his decision at 5:00 EST on National Signing Day.

Regardless of where he ends up, one lucky school will be signing one of the most versatile athletes in the country on February 5.

Matt Osborne - Matt Osborne currently serves as the director of recruiting and lead editor for Southern Pigskin. His work has been published in a number of national publications, including USA Today. Although he loves all levels of football, Matt's number one joy in his life is his relationship with Jesus Christ. Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattOsborne200. For media requests, please email Matt at