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Littles Wants It More

By Matt Osborne
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Never bet against the man who simply wants in more. In this case, that man is Jeremiah Littles.

Nagging injuries put a significant damper on Jeremiah Littles’ sophomore season at McIntosh County Academy in Darien, Georgia.

Sustaining an injury early on in the Buccaneers’ 2013 campaign, Littles finished his tenth-grade season starting in just half of his team’s contests.

Despite being limited by a lack of ideal health, Littles made sure that his presence was heavily felt when he was on the gridiron. In limited playing time, Littles managed to finish the year with over 50 tackles, six sacks and an interception from his linebacker position. After the season, he earned honorable mention all-region honors ahead of numerous players who played the entire season for their respective teams.

Slightly frustrated about the fact that he missed much of the first half of his sophomore season, Littles, who his coaches say has always been one of the hardest workers on the team, took his level of passion and intensity about his favorite sport to previously unmatched heights in an attempt to fulfill his ultimate goal of earning a college scholarship.

“I’ve learned that there are other guys out there, and they have the same dream as me: to get a college scholarship,” Littles recently told Southern Pigskin. “With that competition, I just have to keep working hard and grinding, and doing whatever it takes to be successful.”

Littles, a six-foot-three, 210-pound athlete with an unrelenting motor, has done more than just use his competition as internal motivation; he has allowed his peers to fuel his offseason workouts, which have become everyday occurrences as of late.

“I am doing a lot of ladder drills to help my footwork, I am running with a parachute and a resistance cord and I am doing a lot of backpedaling and working on bursting out of my break,” Littles said of his current workout regimen. “I’ve been working out every day, and I have been going out and practicing with the track team on Tuesdays and Thursdays to improve my speed.”

Changing his workout routine to make it more taxing on his body was something that Littles was hoping would pay dividends in the future.

The “hoping” part of that equation would quickly dissipate, however, as he quickly began racking up awards and honors during the camp season.

Prior to being recognized as a top performer at linebacker at the Explosive Southern Pigskin Camps in Savannah and Waycross, Littles was named as the linebacker MVP at the NUC Camp held in Sarasota, Florida, back in January. He also performed well enough at a VTO Camp in Atlanta to earn an invitation back to their all-star event in June.

Now, his hope is that his performances at his recent camp stops will translate into strong performances when he attends camps on college campuses.

Over the next few months, Littles plans to attend camps at Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern and Clemson in attempt to boost his recruiting profile.

Littles has already begun receiving contact and interest from a handful of college programs, but now that he is playing with a clean bill of health, there is legitimate reason to believe that his status with college coaches will quickly be elevated to new levels.

Athleticism and skill are undoubtedly prerequisites for become a high-profile prospect for the collegiate level, and there is no denying that Littles has plenty of both.

What he also possesses, though, is a tireless work ethic and commitment towards improving his craft that set him apart from his peers.

Never bet against the man who simply wants in more. In this case, that man is Jeremiah Littles.

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