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Tattnall County Duo Turns Heads

By Southern Pigskin Staff
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Tattnall County High School was very well represented at ESPFC with a dynamite QB-WR tandem that should have the fan base extremely excited for next year.

Tattnall County High School was very well represented at ESPFC with a dynamite QB-WR tandem that should have the fan base extremely excited for next year. The duo itself should be excited as well, due to the fact that they are extremely talented and college programs should take notice very soon.

Craige Saxton, QB

Saxton is a 6'1", 188 pound rising senior with a lot of talent that needs to be taken advantage of.

He displayed great field vision and read the defense wrong all day. It seemed as though he warmed up by throwing 15 pound footballs before the camp started, as basically every pass he threw on the day was an absolute bullet. Saxton displayed great accuracy to go along with his arm strength and velocity, which gives him the ability to get the football to his receivers through tight windows in traffic. And although the fastball was the first thing to catch your eye, he was also able to throw some touch passes with good accuracy as well.

Saxton showed the ability to not only read the field well and get the ball downfield through the air, but also displayed fantastic athleticism throughout the day. He has the moves to escape a rush that's closing in on him and can pull away in the open field as well. Saxton showed that he could do so by running a 4.63 40 yard dash at ESPFC. All of this led Saxton to winning the ESPFC MVP for the quarterbacks.

And even with all that talent that he brings to the table, he thinks something that can't be quantified is his best attribute. "I would say leadership. I like to lead my team in the right direction," Saxton explained. Saxton also realizes the importance of his athleticism in this day and age. "Having my speed at the quarterback position helps me a lot when I'm being pressured. I can always tuck it and get my team 5 (yards)." Saxton is still waiting on offers, but is looking forward to prove himself and get even better in his final high school season. He knows exactly what he's looking for, as well. "Education is everything. Next is finding the perfect program and being in a good environment," Saxton said. With so much arm talent, shiftiness in the pocket and speed in the open field, offers should be right around the corner for Craige Saxton.

Deon Durden, WR

Deon Durden is a 6'2", 166 pound prospect of the class of 2019 that, in a few years, could completely change a university's offense. The rising junior makes himself a big target with great jumping ability and very long arms. Durden could certainly benefit from gaining some muscle in the offseason to fill out his frame, which would be icing on the cake. At ESPFC, he used his long strides to run a 4.50 40 yard dash. With his long legs, some might worry about his route running being sloppy, but he proved that wrong as well. Durden's cuts on his routes were crisp which led to him being an open target for whatever QB was throwing at that point in the camp.

Durden didn't have to tell us his best quality on the football field, he simply showed us.

On 3 seperate occasions Deon high pointed the football beautifully and made spectacular catches that wowed the entire football field. With that catching ability, combined with his 4.5 speed, Durden is a basically unmissable target. It helps that he carries that mentality anytime he's on the field. "My best attribute is my jumping and catching ability," Durden explained. "I like to go high and go and get it. I feel like I can catch any ball thrown to me." Even with all the talent Durden already has, he knows there are other things he can work on, especially those things that don't show on the stat sheet. "I'm currently working on several things, like being a leader and someone my teammates can look up to," Durden said.

Based on the talent that was shown from these two players from Tattnall County at ESPFC, combined with the fact that neither have any offers, Saxton and Durden could be absolute steals for whatever university takes notice of these Battlecreek Warriors.


​Written by: PJ Zucco