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Top ESPFC Performers: Class of ‘21 and ‘22

By Barry Every
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The top performers for the classes of 2021 and 2022, from ESPFC, as seen by Recruiting Analyst, Barry Every.

This past Sunday Explosive Sports Training, ESPNCoastal and hosted their annual football camp at Chris Gilman Stadium on the campus of Camden County High School. Nearly 75 local prep players from the Coastal and First Coast Region were on hand to show off their football acumen.

Each participant took part in the 40-yard dash, agility drills, individual position work and one-on-ones. The skilled position players also finished the camp with a spirited round of three-on-fours.

Players were evaluated based on size, growth potential, athleticism and performance; awards were not taken into consideration. Making this list does not ensure success after high school, as does not making the list guarantee that one’s football career is over upon high school graduation.

When college coaches evaluate young athletes several factors are taken into consideration. Obviously their overall athleticism and size are two critical criteria. But just as important is a prospective recruits game film, character and of course academic prowess.

No matter how good someone may be at the game of football, a bad character reference or the inability to reach NCAA academic standards can gravely deter ones potential to be recruited.

Below are the top performers for the classes of 2021 and 2022 as seen by Recruiting Analyst, Barry Every. Players are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Thomas Castellanos, ATH Ware County (Ga.) 5-10/185, 4.67-40 (2022)

Simply hard to believe this physically impressive looking athlete is still in junior high school. Castellanos already possesses excellent overall size and body structure for skilled position player. During the camp this highly self-motivated athlete worked out at quarterback, receiver and running back. What really stood out about his performance was his ability to run crisp routes and attack the ball with his hands. Castellanos already possesses very good body control and top end speed for his age. At this time it is too early to project his eventual position at the next level. He is built like a running back but demonstrated the skillset to project as a slot receiver or even safety.

Weston Franklin, OL, Wayne County (Ga.) 6-3.5/250, 5.3-40 (2021)

Possibly the most impressive looking position group, on the hoof, in the entire camp was the offensive line and majority of those statuesque behemoths were underclassmen. Franklin already has excellent length and overall body structure, but most impressive is the flexibility he already possesses in his hips and knees. He is able to get into his pass-set quickly and then deliver accurate jabs. His frame will allow him to eventually play at around 300-pounds and he most likely projects as an interior offensive lineman in college. Franklin already has a full year of varsity experience as a starter and recently picked up his first offer from Southern Miss.

DeTarias Glover, DL, Camden County (Ga.) 6-1.5/240, 5.3-40 (2021)

The freshman offensive linemen were not the only position group that had young budding stars with varsity experience. Glover worked out at defensive end and defensive tackle, which is imperative for young lineman as their full growth potential is yet undetermined. Glover already possesses a nice wide powerbase with a frame than can easily house more muscle mass. He displayed good quickness off the ball and impressive power at the point of attack. Though his heart may be at defensive end his long term potential could see him move inside at nose tackle. Look for him to play a much bigger role this fall for the Wildcats in Region 1-AAAAAAA, aka the SEC of high school football.

Fuches Lewis, II, DL, Calvary Day (Ga.) 6-1.5/240, 5.4-40 (2021)

Though similar in size too Glover, Lewis appeared to have a little more length. He also worked out inside and outside along the line but seemed most comfortable coming off the edge. What physically stood out about this young performer where his long arms and how he used them to bypass offensive lineman. This past season Lewis was a two-way standout at the GHSA-A level. Unlike most state’s Georgia separates itself from others, as some of the greatest players in Peach State history have come from the smallest classification. Right now Lewis most likely projects as an interior defensive lineman at the next level. He simply has no bad body weight so who knows how large he can eventually get.

Micah Morris, OL, Camden County (Ga.) 6-5/281, 5.0-40 (2021)

Morris came into this camp as the highest profiled recruit. At this point he has earned offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia and North Carolina. And frankly it’s easy to see why he has garnered so much attention at an early age. Morris already has the ideal length, powerbase and athleticism to project as an offensive tackle. Not many 14-year old freshmen weigh 280-pounds and run a legitimate 5.0 40-yard dash. Like Franklin, Morris is very flexible in the hips and knees and is able to get into his initial pass-set quickly. One area he will need to work on is lower hand placement, that being said he already has a full season of varsity film for college coaches to evaluate to go along with his impressive physical characteristics.

Amarion Whitfield, WR, Brunswick (Ga.) 5-8.5/151, 4.7-40 (2021)

Whitfield looks primed to make an impressive start to his varsity career this fall. He may not have been biggest receiver in the camp, but he was the one that showed the most moxie. This young whirling dervish has been coached up on how to run routes and create separation. Whitfield can change directions on a dime and does a great job of finding the ball quickly. He is dangerous in space and knows the importance of high-pointing the football. From start to finish Whitfield was the most consistent pass catcher and that is probably why he was recognized as the camp’s top wide receiver. We should get a taste of what can do early in his varsity career considering the Pirate’s pass happy quick strike offensive attack.