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OAYP: 2019 College Football Rankings

By Jim Johnson
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The OAYP advanced metric's final rankings, updated after LSU's National Championship victory over Clemson, for the 2019-20 season.

OAYP is an advanced metric to evaluate the true strength of college football teams. The premise is best boiled down to two of the most basic tenets of the game -- moving the ball and scoring efficiently, while preventing the opposition from doing so. With that in mind, the team component is largely based on opponent adjusted yards (per play) and points (per drive)... hence OAYP.

What separates the formula from the pack is its predictive nature, thanks to its ability to account for injuries, suspensions, etc., using the individual player rankings. However, the team numbers are still the foundation for everything.

These are the final rankings.


Here’s a quick explanation of the table:

OFF RK -- Where each team ranks among the 130 FBS teams in offensive OAYP

DEF RK -- Same thing, but for defense

SOS RK -- This is basically where each team ranks in average opponent OAYP. It’s a strength of schedule measure. *Note* This only takes into account each team’s SOS, so far. It does not look ahead to the remainder of the schedule. This is also not to be confused with strength of record.

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