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By Southern Pigskin Staff
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College Fantasy Football That Makes Sense

It's about time College Football Fans have a fantasy game that makes sense

For too long, college football fans have been without a proper fantasy football game like our NFL brethren. That's changed with Pigskin Fantasy U (PFU).

Now in its second year, PFU broke the traditional fantasy football code and developed a free game made just for college football fans. At PFU, players draft a roster of college teams instead of individual players.

You see, while drafting players works for the NFL, there are too many teams, with too many ever-rotating players for this formula to work with college football. At least for most of us fans.

Pigskin Fantasy U has all of the bells and whistles that the big sports networks have with their NFL fantasy games, like live online drafts with auto draft functionality, real-time scoring with data feeds from all college games, up-to-the-minute team news and much more.

You can set up a public league and allow anyone to enter, or you can set up a private league and just invite your friends.

We’re doing a league here at Southern Pigskin. Hope you guys get one going too and join in the fun.