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Stats to Watch: 20 Florida at 11 Tennessee

By Christian Goeckel
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5 stats to watch when Florida takes on Tennessee

Passing touchdowns: Tennessee - 9, Florida - 0.

As exciting as Anthony Richardson is as a prospect, he’s struggled to find consistency through the air. The talent is there: elite speed, incredible arm, great size. Florida just has to find a way to build his confidence. Hendon Hooker, meanwhile, currently sits on a 6:0 touchdown:interception ratio. A complete offseason as QB1 has definitely paid off for a guy that finished in the top 5 of quarterback efficiency ratings last season.


That’s Tennessee’s record at home against Florida going back to 2000. Like they used to with Georgia, Florida owns real estate in Tennessee minds. The Volunteers are looking to do what Georgia did and start a new era against the Gators.

10.9 - 4.2

Tennessee’s average yards per throw vs their average yards per rush. The Vols are a passing football team. Sure, they’ve surpassed 200 yards on the ground twice this season, but both were against completely overmatched opponents in Ball State and Akron. They were only able to muster 91 yards on the ground at 2.6 yards per rush clip at Pitt. If Florida is going to pull the upset, their best strategy will be to control the clock on offense and just keep Tennesee in front of them on defense. Don’t give the Volunteers the homeruns because you’re selling out to stop the run.


Florida turnovers in the second half. That’s not including two turnovers on downs against Kentucky. If the other games in this series are any indication, regardless of how good one team is, this is going to be a close game. Florida, on the road, in front of a rocking Neyland Stadium, cannot turn the ball over in the 2nd half and expect to win.


Sacks on the season for Brenton Cox Jr. Cox has been a stud for Florida this season, but he has not been able to get home for a sack yet this season. He’ll have ample opportunities on Saturday. Tennessee currently averages 34 pass attempts per game. If the Volunteers secondary can force Hooker to his second read, Cox could be in for a big day.

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