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The HBC is Back

By Buddy Martin
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The real reason Steve Spurrier chose to become the HBC again.

The phone rang and when I picked it up I could almost hear the grins of Steve Spurrier wafting over the AT&T airwaves when I said:

“So you’re a Head Ball Coach again! Congratulations. I’m so happy for you.”

“It’s ideal for me. Perfect,” Spurrier said after His appearances on CBS Saturday Morning in New York, where he was about to catch a flight to Home #1 in Gainesville.

“But most of my friends said the same thing – they’re all happy for me. Short season over by April. Staying in Florida and living six months in Orlando around friends and family.”

Spurrier went on to explain that he missed coaching and for the first time revealed the real truth why he left South Carolina.

“I didn’t leave South Carolina and coaching because I was 70,” he said. “It was because I had put together a sorry team with a sorry bunch of coaches, including me, and I couldn’t do anything to change it. And it was my fault. So it was time to get out.”

Remember, Spurrier never said he wasn’t going to coach again when he signed on to become Ambassador/Consultant at Florida. In fact he said he would love to coach again if the right thing came along.

The Alliance of American Football turned out to be exactly the right thing for him.

“Even Jerri’s fired up,” he said.


Don’t think for a minute that the HBC is gliding into a rocking chair and taking a paycheck.

“We’ve got to go compete and win a championship,” he said, not even knowing yet what teams he would be playing. “People want you to say that. I don’t think fans come to the ball part to drink beer and giggle.”

The new Alliance of American Football Alliance has its first coach and first team in its first city for 2019 – without knowing who it’s competing again.

I told him about the Tweet I had just sent – “Coaches gotta coach, singers gotta sing and writers gotta write.”

“THAT,” he said, “is exactly right!”

Steve Spurrier is back in the game. Mackie’s back in town.

The world order of football is once again properly aligned.

Buddy Martin - Buddy Martin is a veteran columnist, talk show host and author. A longtime observer of college football, Martin is heard weeknights on the Buddy Martin Show on ESPN Coastal Georgia and WMOP/WGGG in Ocala/Gainesville Fla. and the Southern Pigskin Radio Network, where he also co-hosts The Terry Bradshaw Show. Buddy won an Emmy while he was with Terry at CBS as an associate producer. More of Buddy's work can be found at where his show is streamed live. Buddy's most recent book is Steve Spurrier's autobiography "Head Ball Coach: My Life in Football" published by Blue Rider Press. He also wrote Urban Meyer's authorized biography, "Urban's Way," and Terry Bradshaw's autobiography "Looking Deep." Contact him at, Facebook/The Buddy Martin Show and @Buddyshow on Twitter.