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Inside ‘Swag Like Chad’

By BJ Bennett
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The Eagles, fired up and focused, have a motto; you don't just say it, you sing it.

I wanted to do something fun that kind of reflected me and that, at the same time, my teammates and the fans could enjoy as well.
~Kado Brown

As has been the theme all pre-season, the energy around Georgia Southern football continues to be very real. Head coach Chad Lunsford has rejuvenated the program, bringing a new pace to the practice fields and turning the excitement way up ahead as kickoff approaches. There has been an extra pep in the step of players, a tone-setting rhythm to the ever-important summer months. When Lunsford speaks, heads nod. 

The Eagles, fired up and focused, have a motto; you don't just say it, you sing it. Quarterback Kado Brown took the enthusiasm of a new era and added a beat. A gifted artist, in addition to being a Division I college football player, he recently released a team rap song and, more so, a team statement. Brown's track "Swag Like Chad" is both a testament to his personal talents and Georgia Southern's cohesive vision.  

It all started with a skill and a suggestion. Aware of Brown's ability on the mic, a number of his Eagle teammates brought up the possibility of a team track. Soon, the idea took flight.

"In the spring, a lot of guys were showing support for some of the songs I put out and they were asking me to make a team song. I was entertaining the idea and I didn't really know what to do," Brown acknowledged. "I wanted to do something fun that kind of reflected me and that, at the same time, my teammates and the fans could enjoy as well."    

Priority number one, for Brown, was to take the project seriously. With a passion for music, he embraced the chance to create as an opportunity to improve. Brown, with some collaborative help, made it a point to release a song that would both sound right, reflecting Georgia Southern's traditions, and sound good. It was a multi-faceted effort.

For lack of a better phrase, he wanted to Get After the Track Aggressively. 

"I have a good friend named Donte who produces beats. He sent me a little package and I found something that had a cool, little vibe, was fun and a little jumpy. I already had the concept, 'swagger like Chad', I thought that was a cool thing. I thought the fans would be into it," Brown explained. "I went into my room, wrote down the hook, wrote down my verses, sent it to coach and he liked it."

Brown, back home in California, laid everything out himself. The work speaks for itself. Far from his first song, the design, after a few rewrites, ultimately came together as he imagined. Lines on the track include an abbreviated version of GATA, references to Georgia Southern legends Tracy Ham, Adrian Peterson and Erk Russell, program history, team rivals and, of course, Lunsford.
Fittingly, some of the inspiration came all of the way from the top.

"Coach Lunsford gave me some ideas to throw out, maybe to bring up to the brotherhood and the power of Paulson, things like that, I incorporated that into the song," Brown nodded.

Lunsford was featured from the beginning. His voice might not be on the track, but his personality, in addition to his perspective, can be found all throughout. The head coach's input included, Lunsford was also one of the first to hear the beat, start and finish. Now, it has gone viral in Eagle Nation.   

"The first time...I had the hook, I had recited it, 'you know I got the swagger like Chad' and he thought it was a joke at first and I was like, 'nah coach, this is the hook, this is really going to be the hook, this is fire, this is crazy'. He was like, 'OK, alright, I'll listen to it when you get the rest done'. I was at home, sent him a text early in the morning," Brown shared. "He texted me back ten minutes later and said he loved it."

Only one current player was named on the song; Georgia Southern's all-conference kicker.

"I have to give a shoutout to my brother Tyler Bass, he is the one who got the little shout out. I knew if I did everybody, it would be hard to fit it all in in a three minute song. I had to do something that was quick and fast and catchy," Brown chuckled. "There's still love for everybody on the team, though."

With a growing profile, Brown is currently getting recognized on the field and off. He is a dynamic individual and is now sharing that versatility with the world. Friday night in Savannah, "Swag Like Chad" was blasted over the loud speakers as Georgia Southern opened practice at the school's Armstrong Campus. Brown was smiling in approval. Lunsford, surrounded by encouraging players and coaches, danced, albeit briefly, right along.    

All that Brown has learned competing at college football's highest level has helped him as he considering chasing yet another interest.

"I've always had an interest in music, but not until maybe 2015 did I get into it like that," Brown detailed. "Playing college football takes a lot of time and a lot of focus. I've been focused on my ball of course, but if the opportunity arises and I have a lot of time to really invest in it and do my thing, I'll probably try to pursue that. I think football has taught me a lot about grinding and being focused on something that you want to go get."

Should music be his next career, Brown, who goes by "Kollege Kado" online, already has brand.

"Like I tell people, 'Kollege' is forever. It's been around before, it's going to be around after," he stated. I'm 'Kollege Kado' until the end. It's keep me young, too. I feel young forever as 'Kollege'."

First, football season is here and Brown and the Eagles are focused and ready. Georgia Southern opens with South Carolina State on September 1st at home in Paulson Stadium. Expect to hear "Swag Like Chad" and expect to see a determined team. Winners of two of their final three games to finish last year, the Eagles believe they have turned the corner and, with Lunsford leading the way, are ready for more.

Moving forward, the foundation for such success is being laid. Lunsford's attitude has helped accelerate the process; his approach has helped stabilize it. For Georgia Southern, the work continues.

"There has been a good vibe. I really think he is a player's coach. He looks out for our best interests," Brown concluded. "Even since he first took over in the middle of the season last year, I remember that first practice and everybody came out hyped like nothing went wrong. I think he has had our support and trust since day one and hope that it shows this season, that we can really put on for each other as a family."

The Eagles are moving with a motive. That tempo now has a tune.

BJ Bennett - B.J. Bennett is's founder and publisher. He is the co-host of "Three & Out" with Kevin Thomas and Ben Troupe on the "Southern Pigskin Radio Network". Email: / Twitter: @BJBennettSports