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2019 FBS Signees by State

By Barry Every
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Georgia finished in the third-spot with 210 signees surpassing California for the second time in three years.

Though Texas produced a 12-year low; they still led the nation with 322 high school prospects inking scholarships with FBS colleges in the 2019 recruiting cycle, Florida was right on their heels with 310 signees, which was the second lowest total for the sunshine state over the last 12 years.

Georgia finished in the third-spot with 210 signees surpassing California for the second time in three years. The Golden State plummeted to a 12-year low of 205 FBS signees, dropping to fourth. Ohio finished fifth with 110 signees, a slight increase from last year’s all-time low of 101.

All Five of the above mentioned states have one thing in common; each has produced more than 100 FBS signees per year over the last dozen recruiting cycles. Only two other states have ever produced more than 100 FBS signees in a given year. Louisiana had a record number of signees in 2015 with 107 and North Carolina surpassed the century mark with 105 signees this year.

Regionally the Southeast maintained its sizeable lead with 979 signees followed by the Midwest (395), West (367), Southwest (351) and the East with 244. The only region to see an increase from the previous year was the Midwest (+48). The Southeast still produces over 41% of all high school signees in the United States.


As mentioned earlier both Texas (322) and California (205) hit lows this past recruiting cycle. Other states that plummeted to 12-year lows are Pennsylvania (47), Oklahoma (26), Washington (18), New York (10), Massachusetts (7) and Idaho (1).

North Carolina passed the 100-mark for the first time setting a record for the number of signees in a given class. Other states that reached 12-year highs were Tennessee (61), Mississippi (61), Arizona (47), Kentucky (27), Connecticut (18) and West Virginia (10).

Maine produced its second FBS signee over the past 12 years while Vermont has yet to register a single signee out of high school over that time period. Australia, for the second year in a row produced seven DI signees.

The numbers in this report include prospects that signed scholarships straight out of high school. They do not include junior college players or those athletes that ended up going to one of the Service Academies.

As always we would like to thank Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine for supplying the data which made this report possible. Without a doubt the best sports magazine covering professional, college and high school football in Texas!