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Explosive Southern Pigskin Camp Top Performers

By Matt Osborne
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The top performers and award winners from the Explosive Southern Pigskin Camp in Waycross.

Top Quarterback Performer – Seth Clary (Wayne County), Class of 2016

With Clary under center, it does not appear that Wayne County will suffer drastically from the loss of Florida State commit Malique Jackson. Clary started the day by displaying his athleticism, posting a 4.65 time in the 40-yard dash and concluded by improving his form exponentially during individual drills. He throws a very catchable ball, and will become even more of a threat once he masters his footwork.

Top Running Back Performer – Anfernee Jordan (Wayne County), Class of 2015

At six-foot-one, 185 pounds, Jordan catches your eye right away with his physical stature. He possesses an outstanding blend of raw power, speed and the ability to make a defender look silly in the open field. In what was easily one of the deepest and most talented positions at the camp, Jordan excelled with his versatility and sheer desire to succeed.

Top Wide Receiver Performer – Shemar Bridges (Potter’s House Christian), Class of 2016

Bridges displayed many of the tools which make receivers elite on the high school level, including quickness, good route-running and the ability to make the tough catch. Although he is not a burner and he needs to continue to develop physically, he has already mastered many of the intricacies that coming along with the position.

Top Offensive Lineman Performer – Duncan Kimbrell (Pierce County), Class of 2015

Tipping the scales at 350 pounds, Kimbrell caught the eyes of the coaches from the start. After passing the initial “eye test”, he then backed up his play by imposing his physical will over the defenders in attendance. Kimbrell has an incredibly strong punch, and his footwork is above average, although he has a tendency to lean in pass protection. Overall, he was simply overwhelming to the competition.

Top Defensive Lineman Performer – Matthew Neiport (McIntosh County Academy), Class of 2015

Neiport was one of the more impressive prospects in attendance in terms of sheer physical build. At six-foot-three, 230 pounds, he used his hands and natural strength to toss offensive linemen to the side during the one-on-one pass competition. He also impressed the coaching staff with his quickness off of the snap and his eagerness to learn and improve his technique.

Top Linebacker Performer – Tevis Dasher (Charlton County), Class of 2016

The best way to describe Dasher is to say that he is a pure athlete. Linebacker was likely the second-deepest position on the field on Saturday afternoon, and Dasher ran away from the competition with his combination of raw athleticism and natural instincts for the position. He did an exceptional job of jamming the running backs at the line-of-scrimmage during one-on-ones, shutting down every player he went against.

Top Defensive Back Performer – Rackwon Chatman (Ware County), Class of 2015

Two of Chatman’s best attributes are his size and his length. At six-foot-one, Chatman has an exceptionally long wingspan, allowing him to effortlessly jam wide receivers at the line. He turned in a 4.56 in the 40-yard dash, but seemed to play even faster than that in the individual drills. He was also very confident in his one-on-one matchups, which translated to him almost always coming out on the winning side.

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