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2018 NFL Draft OT Rankings

By Jim Johnson
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Ranking the draftable offensive tackle prospects from the 2018 class, out of Southern Pigskin's coverage area.

These intial rankings are comprised of what right now are the draftable/PFA worthy prospects from our coverage area here at Southern Pigskin -- the ACC, SEC, Sun Belt, and SoCon.

These pre-combine rankings include a basic rundown of strengths and weaknesses, however, after the combine, they will be updated with round projections, player comparisons, and a more in-depth summation of my personal opinion on each respective player.

Starting with the quarterbacks, they will be released one day at a time until all of the position groups are up. After that, they will be easily found in a comprehensive database from a homepage that includes a first round mock draft.

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1. Brian O’Neill, Pittsburgh: 6’6, 305

Strengths: Superior athlete with top notch footwork and length. Very consistent with few mistakes. Does his job as a run blocker. Elite in pass pro.

Weaknesses: Lacks ideal play strength. Isn’t blowing anyone off the ball on run plays.

2. Isaiah Wynn, Georgia: 6’2, 300

Strengths: Elite athleticism for the position. An absolute technician. Effective run blocker, excellent in pass pro. Good awareness.

Weaknesses: Lack of size may necessitate move inside, but that opens up a new set of problems with handling power.

3. Will Richardson, NC State: 6’6, 303

Strengths: Good size for the position. One of the most efficient pass blockers in the country last year. Doesn’t make many mistakes. Effective mover blocking down.

Weaknesses: Has had a hard time staying out of trouble during his career at NC State. Limited sample size.

4. KC McDermott, Miami: 6’7, 300

Strengths: Good length with strong punch. Improved as a pass blocker with more tackle reps last year.

Weaknesses: Feet, technique are not up to par. Generally, run blocking leaves something to be desired.

5. Toby Weathersby, LSU: 6’6, 308

Strengths: Good size, quickness. Very smart. Effective pass blocker. Adequate play strength.

Weaknesses: Probably an average NFL run blocker, at best.

6. Geron Christian, Louisville: 6’6, 315

Strengths: Good size and athleticism, with proper length. Versatile, played both tackle spots at Louisville, sometimes in the same game. The lone bright spot on a bad offensive line last year.

Weaknesses: Needs to improve play strength. Footwork in pass pro leaves a lot to be desired. Inconsistent.

7. Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State: 6’4, 295

Strengths: Good size. More athletic than most tackles. Gets to the second level and finds someone else to hit. Versatile, adaptable, smart.

Weaknesses: Not strong enough to handle power rushers. For as well as he moves, he’s still been one of the worst pass blocking tackles in college football over the last two years.

8. Jaryd Jones-Smith, Pittsburgh: 6’7, 320

Strengths: Big and tall with telephone poles for arms. With his length and adequate kick-slide, he’s a natural in pass pro.

Weaknesses: Does not move very well. A non-factor in the run game. Suffered a brutal knee injury in 2015.

9. Trevor Darling, Miami: 6’4, 300

Strengths: Long arms. Good strength in his upper body. Positional versatility from his experience at Miami.

Weaknesses: Only decent size as a tackle. Not very athletic.

10. Bentley Spain, North Carolina: 6’6, 310

Strengths: Long and athletic. Effective pass blocker in 2016. Good lateral footwork and above average awareness.

Weaknesses: Pass pro regressed in 2017. Play strength is a dire concern. Not much of an asset in the run game.

11. Beau Nunn, Appalachian State: 6’4, 306

Strengths: Led FBS in pass blocking efficiency last season. Vicious punch. Competes on every snap.

Weaknesses: Not as long as one would like for a tackle. Play strength could serve to improve.

Jim Johnson - Editor of Southern Pigskin, Producer of "Three & Out", and host of "Explosive Recruiting" on the Southern Pigskin Radio Network. E-mail: Twitter: @JimJohnsonSP